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Andreas Antonopoulos: Bitcoin's-Design in Grado di Resistere a un Attacco di Quantum Computing dungeon news2radar.com

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Information Andreas Antonopoulos: Bitcoin's-Design in Grado di Resistere a un Attacco di Quantum Computing

Title :  Andreas Antonopoulos: Bitcoin's-Design in Grado di Resistere a un Attacco di Quantum Computing
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User :  Fenrimi
Date of publication :   2019-08-29
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Frames Andreas Antonopoulos: Bitcoin's-Design in Grado di Resistere a un Attacco di Quantum Computing

Description Andreas Antonopoulos: Bitcoin's-Design in Grado di Resistere a un Attacco di Quantum Computing

Could build the NSA has a quantum computer could break the bitcoin? Bitcoin visionary, Andreas Antonopoulos has released the problem in an audiotaped presentation on SoundCloud.

"It is certain that the NSA has already built quantum computers, because the Google data centers, and if you have one, the NSA has one that is ten times better that costs as much as a moon mission, and can break the encryption systems at a pace that is much faster and with a higher efficiency," he says.

The NSA is attack on Bitcoin?

The interesting question is: will you be able to use it to break bitcoin? The answer to this question is "no", Antonopoulos, he said. The most important well kept secret between the encryption of the scientist is to explain that, if you have a technology to break the encryption necessary, in the world, how they broke.

In the second world war, when the British the Enigma (cipher conquered developed machines, which is not bombed by the Germans for the protection of military information), the government allowed the city because they have a good story, how did you know that you are bombarded.

"The last thing you're going to be on the bitcoin, because in the moment in which the use of bitcoin and announce to the world that we quantum cryptography that you can build, elliptic curves, guess what happens?" Their rivals for the implementation of quantum resistance. "You just all blew their advances in technology," he said.

"No, the NSA does not have the intention to hack your quantum computer," Antonopoulos said he. But what happens when the technology is commercially and widely available?

What Attempts For The Future?

Nothing to worry about, according to Antonopoulos, thanks to bitcoin's design. "This is where you will see two Satoshi's original design decisions, in retrospect, I am absolutely a genius," he says.

Bitcoin utilizes two cryptographic systems security.

One of them is the elliptic curve multiplication in the first field, which is a function. Depends on the main function of the factorization of mathematics, which is susceptible to the technology.

"The other is the algorithm, hash and the hash algorithm is not, in reality, factorizable quantum technology," he said. "We have very good algorithms, the hashes with Quantum computing."

Satoshi is not the elliptic curve public key in the transactions until after they were issued. A address bitcoin is a double-version, hash of a public key, which means that the public key, no one is never, until the user requests it, the cost of the transaction.

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The Best Practices For The Spending Of Bitcoin

So, if one follows the basics of the best practices in relation to the spending of bitcoin is that it is, only use an address once, you use a different address for each transaction, and completely happen to anyone– the first time that the public key is known, in the network the time, there's no more money.

"Go ahead, and crack; it is the empty address," he said. "And that means, it is possible to go back and look at the keys that were used to crack the addresses of three years, and just because you are not the public key."

"This little genius design element is no accident," he says. It allows the user to click to upgrade in the future.

He called a brilliant design element that lost the most people.

Every encryption algorithm ever invented, has a term of between 20 and 30 years, said before you vulnerable for commercial use, a technology that can break," he said.

"It is a continuation of the arms race," he said. The good news is that you can update.

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