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Information Cryptogem world challenge Zimbabwe's Central Bank New P2P for Bitcoin

Title :  Cryptogem world challenge Zimbabwe's Central Bank New P2P for Bitcoin
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User :  Mazuk
Date of publication :   2019-08-06
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Frames Cryptogem world challenge Zimbabwe's Central Bank New P2P for Bitcoin

Description Cryptogem world challenge Zimbabwe's Central Bank New P2P for Bitcoin

Cryptogem world, a new peer-to-peer bitcoin (BTC) to the exchange, opened in Harare, despite the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’ban on cryptocurrencies. The decentralized platform allows you to Zimbabwesi to buy and sell BTC, without the need for intermediaries, such as inheritance of financial institutions.

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The Globalization Of The Cryptocurrency Exchange

and for the artist;Cryptogem global &welcome to attend; bitcoin-trading platform, where people from all over the world, exchange of the local currency and e-currency, bitcoin,” Melissa Mwale, co-founder and ceo of Cryptogem world, said news.Bitcoin.com.

Mwale said that the idea is to create a platform, without a border, which does not limit the number of trades in a particular country. Offers a example, has stated that the company aims to provide a service, the “ buy to someone in Zimbabwe to someone in the United Kingdom, via Paypal, Skrill or Western Union.”

For some time, virtual currencies, the uncertainty of operating under a cloud, in Zimbabwe. But the ban on cryptocurrencies — announced the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, in may — he marked the beginning of a dark and unpredictable phase paralyze the functioning of the country’s only two digital, currency trading platforms, Golix and Styx24. Since the bitcoin trades in the countries of southern Africa was in the subway, or be moved, social media platforms such as Whatsapp, is at risk of theft or fraud are much higher.

To deliver the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, the country’Central Bank have, in practice, the power to stop cryptocurrency trading, which have been accused, without a license, banking services, in violation of the law on foreign exchange management. But the law does not prohibit it, crypto currencies, too. A previous attempt by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe directly Golix has been canceled, the court of cassation, has ruled that John Mangudya, Governor of the Central Bank, it is not the responsibility of the country’crypto-landscape.

To close, however, the Central Bank, the trade with the power of attorney, by the mediation of commercial banks, provides in the course of which he has full control. To close banks, ordered accounts from Golix and Styx24, effectively reduce pressure of the air supply. And with this, everything digital trading with the currency centralized actually stopped in the country.

Defying Ban

But Cryptogem is the challenge of this backdoor ban particularly intelligent. The P2P bitcoin exchange, has no accounts in the bank, if the Central Bank’t stop.

and for the artist;Cryptogem has no accounts in the bank in Zimbabwe,” said Mwale, has seen 300 new registrations on the platform in their first week of action with a total of, will reach approximately 2 000$. The cost of the transaction average of 0.9% for the deals and for 0.00005 BTC withdrawals and deposits. He added:

In fact, there is no need to have a Bank account in today's time, when we are fully integrated as a private limited liability company in Zimbabwe. We don’t work with the banks directly, as you have to with any fiat currency. And if you noticed, the (Central Bank) ban was carried out, mainly with the help of Bank services
services to the trade.

However, the new transmission is promoted by Mthuli Ncube, Zimbabwe’s new Finance Minister. He said that for the good of cryptocurrency and the technology of the blockchain.

and for the artist: "I believe that investing the attitude of Zimbabwe it should be, to understand (digital assets), innovations,” said Ncube, a professor of Economics, in an article published in september. and for the artists, more often than not, the Central banks are too slow to invest in these technologies.”

Trade on Cryptogem, in General, you have a BTC-storage, supply and wait for the offers correspond to the price, or one that is advantageous for you. As soon as a buyer shows interest, both for the buyer and the seller are redirected to a private live chat on the shift lever, where the details of the transaction are completed, including the payments. The gearbox gives the driver the BTC to the buyer, after participating in the engagement, as soon as the seller confirms the payment. News.Bitcoin.com tested Crypotogem bitcoin interface for only $5, which ended without problems in a few minutes.

The price of bitcoin on the transmission is greatly inflated between 20 000 $and 24 000$, reflects the volatility of the exchange rate. the Current Zimbabwe bitcoin prices seem to the dollar on the black market is available for the price of three different levels, depending on how the payment shall be made: by Bank transfer or mobile transfer, banknotes and/or coins. Every dollar that costs about three times more, to the transfer of funds by a bank or phone of Zimbabwe’to replace a currency, known under the name and artist;bonds, notes,” the complaint is 1:1 with the dollar.

In a market that sometimes is plagued by fraud and theft of funds of the investor, the security is the key. Mwale said that all the accounts are protected by two-factor authentication.

and for the artist;Only a minimal amount of the resources are stored online (hot wallet), only to facilitate the collection,” he added. and for the artist, at the request of security we have the security of other accounts that come in and control the safety in the center of our application. Our server information is hidden to the public, it’s behind a firewall provided by one of the leading companies in this sense.”

What do you think of the new P2P in Zimbabwe? Please let us know in the comments below.

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